Would you pay to see Hologram Tupac on tour?

HologramTupacThe Wall Street Journal is reporting that since the success Hologram Tupac had at Coachella over the weekend, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are now considering going on tour with him.

This is obviously in the early stages but one of the options would be an arena tour that would include Snoop, Dre, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa and Eminem along with the Hologram Tupac.  It would be set up much like it was Sunday night at Coachella, but planned more as whole concert rather than an hour long performance.  Another option would be just have Snoop, Dre and Hologram Tupac touring but to smaller venues like theaters or ampitheaters.

Hologram Tupac was created by Digital Domain Media Group, the same people who made the virtual versions of Brad Pitt for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in 2008.  Although everyone is referring to what we all saw as a “hologram” of Tupac, this is actually incorrect.  If it were a 3D image of the deceased rapper, it would be a hologram, the fact that is was 2D and flat does not make it a hologram.  With that said, DDMG says what we saw was only the beginning and that should excite everyone.

If a tour was planned and carried through with, it would take months and months to create a set for Tupac.  The 5 minutes or so he performed at Coachella took Digital Domain Media Group more than four months to create.  So if Tupac were to put on a 5-10 song set, it probably take a year or more of work.

Would you pay to see this tour if it was just Snoop, Dre and Tupac?  What about if it was Snoop, Dre, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, Eminem and Tupac?

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