Prydon – Where We Do Cannonballs (Rihanna x Hardwell x Showtek x Justin Prime)

I haven’t posted a good mash-up or original production in quite some time and thought that needed a change.  I figured since it had been a while, I had better do at least two things. 1) Give you something sharp, thumping and fresh and 2) give you a DJ you haven’t heard of (probably).  Let me know if I have succeeded with giving you Prydon.

Formerly DJP, Prydon nailed it on the head with this mash-up of Rihanna, Hardwell, Showtek and Justin Prime.  Where We Do Cannonballs will make you see strobe lights and smoke when you close your eyes while listening (Ed. Note: If driving, don’t close your eyes). 

Check out Where We Do Cannonballs below and be sure to check out Prydon’s other music on Soundcloud, Vimeo and his YouTube Channel.  Also, be sure to follow him on Twitter for the most up-to-date news on his productions and what you should be listening to.

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