Playing Music? It Beats Being Bored!

If you’re a bit bored right now – right, right now – it might be clear that your life is lacking a little bit. That’s not to say that you’re boring or anything like that – not at all. We wouldn’t be so bold and rude! However, it might mean you need to do a little bit more and something new. There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of boredom – like feeling at peace -, but we don’t always want to be bored – do we? Of course, we do not! Why in the world would we want that? This is good though – because it means it is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. What do we have in mind? Well – we have music in mind.

Some snobs might think that playing music isn’t for everyone – and they are almost right. Almost. Music is hard to play, and it requires a sense of rhythm. To some music prodigies, this comes naturally, and to others, it must be learned. Before you start playing, it might be worth getting to grips with sheet music and music styles. Of course, it comes naturally to some people, but a grounding in what rhythm means will only help you play. Some people avoid music theory and yeah – it works for people like Kurt Cobain and others who found music naturally and understood rhythm naturally. However, if we can understand what is behind the beat, we can make the quest to learn a musical instrument a lot easier for our minds.

Now, pick an instrument – any instrument and get to grips with it. You might need to buy it first, but don’t blow cash on it. You might not like it, or might change your mind. For instance, if you want to learn the drums – quietly – have a look for the best beginner electronic drum kit and get to grips with it before upgrading and upgrading. If you want a guitar, you might want to stay away from a Gibson Les Paul Vintage Sunburst for now – until you find that you like the instrument.

Next? Practice. Practice does make perfect, but you’ll need to practice sensibly. You can play the same beat over and over and the same chords over and over but you will not find yourself learning anything new. You’ll have to push yourself and experiment if you want to pick up new skills and be the next Brann Dailor on drums or the next Hendrix on guitar. Repetition is a good form of practice but it only works for so long, unless you add something new to your routine, your skills will tend to stay pretty much the same. Don’t give up when you’re frustrated, just put down your instrument, or your drumsticks and start again soon. If you give up, you’ll get nowhere unfortunately, but a good break and rest can help your mind reset and learn.

Learning to play an instrument can be an interesting, and loud, hobby – it is only limited by the amount of time you are willing to point into it, so what better starting point than right now?

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