Patrice Wilson Gives us the Worst Song in the History of Worst Songs

Patrice Wilson has got to be made fun of by his friends.  I’m sure when he says he’s a “songwriter” and “producer”, people picture him in the studio with Dre and his bag of chron, not in a turkey hat singing with a bunch of tweens about how much they love Thanksgiving.  Somehow, the “mastermind” from Ark Music Factory and Pato Music World that gave us “Friday” still has the means to create songs, with each being worse than the one before it.  “It’s Thanksgiving” does not disappoint that theory either.  In fact, it should actually get Patrice Wilson banned from anything that has the function to record any type of sound.  Including, but not limited to, apps, cell phones, court recorders and and anything with a microphone.

The poor girl who had to perform this song, Nicole Westbrook. gets a pass on my criticism because she is just another victim of manipulation by the idiotic circus that is Patrice Wilson.  I’m sure all she saw when introduced to this project was the celebrity light that was shined on Rebecca Black and it was bright enough to blind her to the fact that the song she was singing was complete dog shit.  An ear-raping, if you will.

I feel sorry for you if you listen to the whole song.  For your sake, and for the sake of your hearing, listen for only for a minute or so.  The entire song is enough to kill a horse.  Of course, if you do plan on taking in most of the song, make sure you get to the part where Ms. Westbrook starts rapping (appox. 2:30).  I guarantee your brain begins to seep out of your ears.

[youtube id = ZSBq8geuJk0]


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