Nicki Minaj has strained vocal cords, takes to Twitter to shut up the haters

nicki-minaj-1Nicki Minaj, against doctors orders, performed on bruised vocal cords on August 14th in New York City.  Because of that, her voice got worse and she was forced to pull out of England’s V Festival this past weekend.  Obviously, she has to do whatever it takes to preserve her voice.  Rest for a few days was ordered and hopefully she won’t need surgery to repair the damage.

Unfortunately for the singer, she has some haters that were a little more than heated by her cancellation at the festival.  Even more unfortunate was her decision to respond to the haters on Twitter.  I am sure her publicist is losing their mind right now because she went off, including using the hash tags #KillYaFuckinSelf and #EatShitAndDie.  On top of that, if you don’t understand what she is going through then apparently your “mother is a whore”.

She doesn’t even know my mom.

Anyways, it has been said that your haters are your biggest fans and if that’s the case, Nicki Minaj’s fans love her.  We’ll see how long before her team steps in and deletes the twitter-puke she splattered all over her timeline.

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