Look at This Instagram (Nickelback Parody)

It is common knowledge that most of the America hates Nickelback.  I hate Nickelback just as much as I hate mustard.  If I had it my way, both would only be offered up in Canada.  I can’t pinpoint one thing exactly that I hate so much, but if I had to pick something it would be their faces, their overall body of work and their general contribution, or lack thereof, to the music industry.  I bet Lars Ulrich wouldn’t mind if people illegally downloaded their music.  That may be why I like this parody so much.  In this parody they go through the stupid things that people post to their Instagram (Hipstagram) accounts.  It’s a successful parody because it has the “funny because it’s true” feel.  Check it out below.

[youtube id = jNEMbNgo0YU]

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