Lollapalooza 2012: Did you get your Golden Ticket?

lollabannerLollapalooza season is in full swing now with the release of the Souvenir 3-Day Passes, otherwise known as the “Golden Tickets”.  They were released on their website last night around 5:45pm and sold out rather quickly.  In about 3 minutes.  These tickets are coveted by many because they are only $75!  That’s a pretty big deal when Early Bird 3-Day Passes are $200 and Regular 3-Day passes are $230.  If you are looking to go to Lollapalooza on a budget, constantly refreshing the Lollapalooza homepage the week the Souvenir Passes go on sale is a must.

But, since they are gone it is time to move forward.  The next round of ticketing starts March 27th and you will be able to get those tickets via Frontgate Tickets here.  Or, you can simply go to the Lollapalooza homepage the morning of March 27th and wait for them to be released.  The Frontgate site says they will be available at 10am.  Since it doesn’t include which time zone, assume that is Eastern.  So plan accordingly.

If I hear any other updates as to tickets or time, I’ll be sure to update.

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