Kanye West Kicks Fan Out of His Concert For Telling Him To Take His Mask Off

Kanye West being Kanye West. During his San Antonio, Texas stop on the Yeezus tour, he was heckled by a female fan that paid probably way too much for her front row seat. The fan wanted Kanye to take off the mask he wears during his concerts and Kanye obviously took offense because he is completely self-diluted and out of his mind.

After they initially yelled to him, he went on a 3 or 4 minute rant, all auto-tuned of course, about how he has to wear the mask so no one takes his picture and gets a bad angle and puts it on Instagram. Also, how he puts his life at risk by saying stuff on TV.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Also, he said if you want to see his face you can see it on the internet. Touche, Kanye. Why didn’t your fans think of that?!


After kicking the fan out he gave the crowd another pointer:


And introduced himself for those who didn’t know, because, ya know, of the mask.


For the record I saw Kanye West in New York City over the summer and it was a let down. Big, big, let down.



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