Jon Lajoie Hits the Nail on the Head with ‘Merry Christmas Exclamation Point’

It’s inevitable. It happens every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Someone from your hundreds of contacts in your phone will text you “Happy Easter!”, “Happy Thanksgiving!” or “Merry Christmas!”. Sometimes you will know the person who sent you the text and have even conversed with them in the last month. Most of the time, however, you have no idea whose number that is or it is someone you can’t believe you still have stored in your phone. Even worse, sometimes it’s on a group text with other people you either don’t know or don’t care to know, and that can turn into an hours worth of buzzing and binging with you getting 30 more “You too!” texts.

I know you feel me on this. Jon Lajoie knows it too. ┬áListen to his holiday hit “Merry Christmas Exclamation Point”


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