John Calipari is Awesome…at Cheating.


According to, the NCAA is taking an aggresive look at the past and present Kentucky basketball players and their involvement with professional sports agents.  I want to say I’m surprised, I really do.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  This was more like a “when” rather than an “if” it would happen.  The probe is looking into four players, two that were just drafted to the NBA and two that are on the current roster.  For one of the players that is now in the NBA, the NCAA has questions about his relationship with his agent and meetings they may have had dating back to when he was a senior in high school.  Basically what they are saying is that they are investigating whether or not this kid took an agent before he even went to college.  Can anyone think of a recent player from Kentucky that would be good enough to gardner attention from a professional sports agent at the age of 18?  That’s a tough one. 

The NCAA does not allow a student athlete to have, basically, any contact with an agent while at enrolled.  They cannot accept anything of value or have any kind of relationship.  If either of those are found to have happened, then a violation has occured.  It kind of feels like Kentucky is the USC (O.J. Mayo, Reggie Kardashian) of the west right now.  All they can do is sit back and wait to hear what the NCAA finds.  If Calipari sticks to his snake ways I imagine he will jump to a different coaching position, possibly the NBA, before the sanctions get handed down (see Umass, Memphis). 

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