Jennifer Lopez ‘Booty’ Feat. Iggy Azalea Has Enough Ass For Your Whole Weekend

You won’t find a bigger fan of Jennifer Lopez right now than us. A couple weeks ago we told you about a new movie where she plays a teacher that bones her student. The American Dream, amiright?

Well, now we have even more of a reason to love her as she has released the video for her new song “Booty” featuring another plump rump in Iggy Azalea.

These two have dumps like the proverbial truck and aren’t afraid to show it off. There used to be a time when Jennifer Lopez caught heat for having a big round dumper, but it is clear now that her ass is held in high regard.

While it’s not as explicit as Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video, J.Lo’s “Booty” video is one that will be on repeat.

Oh yeah…she’s 45.

Marry me, J.Lo.


Jennifer Lopez is making a strong case for a number one seed in the 2015 Cougar Madness Tournament.

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