It’s Time To Finally Set Up That Garage Band

All great musicians have to start somewhere, and the truth is there are probably quite a few people desperate to try and get their dream band together. Some people get started with this dream in high school, others in college and many more finally get cracking as they approach the sprite age of fifty. There’s no set rule on when to start your garage band, but there are a few tips that might help you get set up the right way.  So, let’s look at the best possibilities and make sure you’re ready to rock in no time.

Find The Space

Yeah, you’re going to need a space to practice in, and we wouldn’t recommend you choose a room in your home for this. Particularly, if you have a wife, boyfriend or kids who are going to be driven insane as you try to find your sound. A garage band should really practice in, you guessed it, the garage. Or a shed, if you’re hardpressed for space. However, you can always use this dream as a reason to finally clear out the garage. Get rid of the junk, the muck, the old appliances that you haven’t used in ten years and turn it into a musicians dream. Keep the hangers that you’re using for the garden tools. You can use them for your guitars and other musical instruments.

Soundproofing Is Your Friend

It is shockingly easy to soundproof a room, and we think we just heard a hundred wannabe murderers laugh. But seriously, you just need to layer the walls around the room with some foam, and if you don’t have any, you can get official soundproofing kits online. This foam makes the place look a little like a room from a mental institute, so after you’ve layered it, you might want to dress it up a little. Bare in mind that you also want to make sure that the room isn’t completely empty. This will make the acoustics excellent which is great for musicians, but it will also mean the sound is incredibly loud. That’s a problem when you’re still try to get the band in tune. Speaking of the band…

Getting The Boys Back Together

If you’re trying this dream in your later years, you might find it quite difficult to get the people together. The ones that you used to jam with in highschool might have moved on but no worries. You can advertise on things like Craigslist, and we’re sure you’ll find at least a few local people interested in the possibility.

You can even hold auditions which is a completely different kind of fun and make sure that you assemble the dream team. You’re going to need a few different skills in that garage from a lead singer to a base guitar and a drummer. But of course, musicians are only as good as their instruments.

Finding The Gear

You probably don’t have the money in the budget to assemble all the cool, professional equipment. Let’s wait until you’ve had a couple of shows before you start piling money into your band. The good news is that you can get all the instruments you need on eBay second hand or from places like pawn brokers. Of course, if you are intent on getting the best of the best, you’ll need to check out reviews on sites such as Guitar Graph. Make sure you get a brilliant amp system that is going to make your sound…sound terrific.

Time To Rock?

If you want to improve your talent and boost your skill, you need to be practicing regularly. This is difficult to do when you can’t get the band together at the same time. Make sure you plan a schedule and ensure that people stick to it. This is the only way you are going to get better and eventually be ready to book your first show. Spend at least a few months practicing before you even think about booking a show. Particularly if it’s been awhile since you first put those fingers to the keys.

Don’t Forget To Roll

Finally, after months of practicing with a cool band, you’re ready to appear in front of the public. It’s best to leave your ego at the door and take your pride down a few pegs. You should play any show that you’re offered at first whether it’s a kids birthday party or an open mic night.  At the very least it will give you a chance to get to grips with performing. Who knows what could happen after that!

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