If You're Not Listening, You Should Be: Yellow Light Maybe


I have always been interested in finding new music.  That may be why I like Pandora so much.  When I find an artist that I know a lot of people haven’t heard of, I feel it my duty to let everyone hear the music.  For this reason, if you’re not listening to Yellow Light Maybe, you need to start…Now.

YLM has released 3 EPs thus far.  Their most recent album, More of the World, was dropped in February 2010.  They got their start in Athens, Ohio where the members of the band met while attending Ohio University.  After Athens, YLM moved just down the road to Columbus, Ohio.  Things have been on fast forward for these rising stars ever since they picked up their instruments.  When you hear their songs you will know exactly why.  Their music will get your head bobbin’ and feet tappin’ right out of the gate.  They truly have something for everyone.

Check out this YouTube clip of the single “More of the World” from the new album of the same name.

[youtube id=UlFZCjL-IcY ]

To see Yellow Light Maybe live, check out the dates below.  If you head out to a show, make sure to take some pictures for us!

9/7 Philadelphia – The Grape Room – 8:00 PM
9/8 Charlotte –
The Evening Muse – 10:30 PM
9/9 Charleston –
Empty Glass Tavern – 10:00 PM
9/10 Dayton –
Oregon Express – 9:00 PM
9/11 Chillicothe –
Crosskeys Tavern – 9:00 PM
9/17 Athens –
9/26 Columbus –
The Basement – opening for Spacehog – 7:00 PM

[youtube id=8XyI6nuftLs ]

Make sure to follow Yellow Light Maybe on Twitter and on Facebook.  To hear more of their music (highly recommended), check out www.yellowlightmaybe.com.

To purchase their music, head to their iTunes music page.



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