If You're Not Listening, You Should Be: Danni Rosner


Earlier this week, we introduced you to the band Yellow Light Maybe.  We hope you are enjoying their tunes as we speak.  Today we want to take the time to introduce you to another artist.  Danni Rosner is a young lady who grew up in Tokyo and returned to the states in high school.  Some of the authors of Thunder Treats first met Danni after high school graduation when both of our groups of friends rented a beach house in Ocean City.  It was here that I heard her sing for the first time and knew instantly that she, and her voice, was something special.  We stayed in contact with Danni through the years and while she attended Virginia Tech, we road tripped to hang out with her for a weekend.


Danni’s resume is quite the read.  She has been a TV reporter in Italy, she has sang the National Anthem at numerous professional sports venues in Washington D.C., she has toured both nationally and internationally and has hosted a music video TV show called Strictly Global which reaches over 30 million households across America.


Danni has three fantastic albums available now.  Her 2008 EP “The Worst Part is Waiting”, 2009’s LP “Piano Actress” and most current her EP “On My Way”.  All of these albums can be purchased via iTunes, which have been linked.

If you can’t purchase some of Danni’s music, do her a big favor and vote for her in the regional finals of the New Song Mountain Stage contest. The grand prize is a chance to record an EP with grammy-award winning producer, Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Norah Jones).  It literally takes about 10 seconds and from experience I can tell you that you do not have to worry at all about spam mail.  PLEASE vote for Danni Rosner, if you visit her website and listen to some of her music, then you know how much she deserves it!

Danni Rosner Facebook Page

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Danni Rosner iTunes

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