Girl Talk invades Cleveland as part of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame festivities

The master of the mash-up has held true once again.  Girl Talk, aka Gregg Gillis, came to Cleveland on Saturday night to help the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame kick off its week long celebration of the 2012 Inductions, which will culminate with the Induction Concert this coming Saturday.

I was at the show on Saturday along with a crew of about a dozen or so and we all managed to get on stage for the concert.  It was definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had.  To be able to stand up there, next to Gillis and look out on the crowd of 5,000+ was a surreal moment.  None of us stopped dancing from the moment we set foot on stage and I am still paying for it two days later.

He played a lot of his stuff from Night Ripper, Feed the Animals and All Day but he would tweak it a little bit to give it a new feel.  Towards the end we got some newer stuff, like his mash up including N*ggas In Paris with Make it Rain.  Which was amazing.

Definitely recommend seeing him at least once.  I already have tickets for his June show in Pittsburgh. Below is a video and some pictures I took from the stage on my phone.

[youtube id=e9fHsL5y9qM ]
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