Drake Proves He is a Giant Douche Bag, Spends $50,000 at Strip Club

Huge douche bag, Aubrey Drake Graham* spent $50,000 at a North Carolina strip club because he was afraid people would forget about him or think he was a poser.  I can’t say for certain that was his thought process, but what other explanation can there be for his actions?  This no talent ass clown brought cardboard boxes full of $1 dollar bills to a strip club and, coincidentally, using cardboard boxes for transportation was the most gangster/ghetto part of the entire ordeal.

Aubrey singlehandedly turned the Grammy Award into a complete joke earlier this year and now this asshat decides to “make it rain” in a strip club with $1’s?  Please.  He is still the little Canadian soap star with the glasses and bad fro.  TMZ may have hit the nail on the head when they asked almost 50,000 people whether Aubrey was a poser with a privileged upbringing.  My faith in humanity was restored when 86% of those asked said yes.

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I’m not impressed with the majority of this.  I’m not impressed with the girls at the club.  I’m not impressed with the fact that he used $1 bills.  I’m not impressed with the other “rapper” with him, Bleu Davinci.  I did a Google search of him and I still have no idea who he is, but somehow he had $25,000 of his own boxed up money?  Doubt it.  Looks like Aubrey actually spent $75,000 at the club.  I wonder how much he made per episode from DeGrassi?


I gotta say I agree with Dax from TMZ.  Had he spent the money on something more charitable, I think it would do a lot more for his “street cred” than spraying George Washingtons all over a dirty strip club.  This wasn’t a gangster move amd it definitely won’t get him any street cred.  I’ll go as far as to say that if Tupac or Biggie were alive, Aubrey would be catching a smack for pulling this stunt.

*I will no longer call him Drake.

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