Danni Rosner – West available on iTunes today

Every so often, people come into your life and you immediately know you’ll  never lose contact with them. After high school graduation, myself and a few of the Thunder Treats elite were on vacation when we met Danni Rosner. Like us, she was on vacation with her crew and hanging on to  that last bit of summer. She was charismatic, warm, friendly, and a blast to be around.  We didn’t know that in a few years she would have fearlessly conquered Amateur Night at the Apollo in NYC singing Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools”, support top 40 musician Matt Nathanson and Grammy award winner Marc Cohn, independently release her albums in-stores at Best Buy, host a music video tv show on PBS, get her song placed on A&E’s TEACH: Tony Danza, and pick up everything she owned in VA and move to Los Angeles to puruse her dreams; we just knew that she was a good person and a true friend.

dannirosnerwest2Today, her second full length album, West, hits the iTunes store for the awesome price of $9.90West is a coming of age album, so to speak.  You can hear in her lyrics about her decision and inevitable move to the west coast from her native Virginia.  While listening, you’ll feel like you have known Danni as long as I have.  There is a sense of truth in the way she sings and you’ll hear it from the moment you press play.

I could not be happier or prouder for my friend today, on her birthday.  Congratulations to Danni Rosner on putting together an awesome album!  Below are some of the songs off the new album and there is also a link to purchase from iTunes!


Here is a user made video for her song “Like You Do” off the new album too!

[youtube id=PgCG2zdJ5XM ]
YouTube Link

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