Cleveland Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Tweets ‘I need a sex slave in the basement’

Probably not the best Tweet the rapper could have sent about his current coitis situation, but I’m sure Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly wasn’t thinking when he typed it out.

However, the first thing I–and many others–thought of was the recent news that Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus were found alive after being held captive for over 10 years.  The reports indicated that the three were used as sex slaves for the twisted Ariel Castro.  Reports also mentioned abuse induced abortions and the women being shackled for hours and days on end.


It’s really hard not to think about the situation in Cleveland when you see the Tweet that Machine Gun Kelly sent out to the masses.  Like I said before, I am sure he wasn’t thinking when he sent it out.  In fact, after recieving some hate Tweets for it, he reminded people that they need to live their lives and not worry about him.  Perhaps a “my bad” Tweet would be more effective, but to each his own.


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