Cedric Gervais vs. Madonna vs. Afrojack – Have You Seen Molly (DJ Rozz Lost & Found Mix)

A few weeks ago, Madonna made a stupid comment at Ultra Music Festival before Avicii’s set asking the crowd if they had “Seen Molly”.  In fact, around the 2 minute mark you can hear the audio in this mix.  Clearly it was a reference to the pure form of ectasy known as “Molly”.  Of course she back tracked and said she was referencing a DJ’s new song…who hadn’t played yet.  But I digress.

Perhaps the only good to come of that whole thing was the fact that more people were exposed to Cedric Gervais, the DJ she claims to have referenced, and his new song “Have You Seen Molly”.  With or without Madonna’s help, this song is a banger no question.  But now that DJ Rozz has gotten ahold of it, it is only getting better.

Mixed with Madonna (ironic) and Afrojack, this track comes out the gate with heavy, steady beat that will have the club soaked in sweat in approximately 4:27.

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