Avicii – X You

In January, it was announced that Avicii would be taking submissions by fans to be part of his next music collaboration.  He was asking that fans send him original melodies, basslines, beats & rhythms, breaks and effects.  From January 9th to February 26th the samples came in and Avicii went to work putting together the biggest music collaboration the World has ever seen.  The result was 12,934 sounds submitted by 4,199 artists from 140 different countries!  The featured producers were Kian Sang, Naxsy DJ-Compositeur, Martin Kupilas, Ваня Хакси, Christian Westphalen, Mateusz Kolata and Jonathan Madray.  Listen to the track below and read more about it and here more samples here.


I personally like it a lot.  It has an infectious beat and just listening and know how many people contributed to the project makes it all the better.

I know some of you may be wondering about royalties from the track and per the X You website, all royalties from the final track will be donated to House for Hunger, a foundation started by Avicii and Ash Pournouri to help battle hunger worldwide.

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