Ahead of USA vs. Ghana, Prydon Releases ‘Outlaw Anthem (2014 USA World Cup)’ to Melt Your Face Off

Tonight marks the start of the journey for United States Men’s National Team in the 2014 World Cup. USA vs. Ghana goes down at 6pm on ESPN. The same team that knocked them out four years ago and ended a great run. It seems each year, more and more people around the country are getting amped up for the games. This year is no different and you can see the proof by heading to Twitter or Facebook.

Another place you could find some enthusiastic supporters would be at any one of the 100 chapters of The American Outlaws, the unofficial USMNT supporters group. The American Outlaws have been a group since 2007 and have been growing rapidly over the last 7 years. You can join for $29.00 for the year and you will receive, among other things, a t-shirt and an American flag bandanna.

Prydon, a DJ/Producer out of Cleveland, Ohio, did all members of The American Outlaws and fans of the USMNT a solid by putting together what we’re going to call the unofficial anthem for the USMNT. “Outlaw Anthem” has something for just about every person listening to it. I knew I was into it when I heard “Real American” mixed in there.

So before tonight’s match vs. Ghana make sure to let Prydon set the mood, and hopefully tone, that will send us past Ghana and give us a bit of revenge.

Enjoy. Follow Prydon on Twitter, Instagram and head to Facebook if you want to download the ‘Outlaw Anthem‘.

Outlaw Anthem (2014 USA World Cup) by Prydon on Mixcloud

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