Woman Passes Through Security at Airport Wearing Only Bra and Panties

tammy-banovacTammy Banovac has had enough of the TSA pat downs.  In fact, she came up with her own game changer to beat TSA at their own game.  They can’t pat you down if you have no clothes on right?  Banovac made headlines this week as she decided to pass through security at Oklahoma City Airport only wearing her bra and panties.  According to Banovac, she did this because she felt she was violated during a TSA pat down a couple weeks ago.  By going to the airport in her unmentionables, she makes visible the parts of her body that may have been subjected to search.  Banovac also traveled with her dog and rode to the security gates in a wheelchair.  Banovac said that she does put clothes on before boarding her flight.


All indications are that Banovac is sane.  The only thing that might point otherwise is the video below where she gives a stare that makes it seem like she is a robot.  Creepy really.


I personally applaud Tammy for sticking it to the TSA.  Way to go you crazy bitch.

[youtube id=4zFi18ioqYk ]


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