Woman Crashes Into Shed, “I Can’t Get Another DUI, I’ve Already Had One Today”

How many of you screamed “Ohio” or “Florida” when you read that title? Unfortunately, you are both wrong. Actually, there should always be a winner, so we’ll assume that 43-year-old Michele Leonard of Somerset, Pennsylvania has found her way to Ohio a time or two. So if you said, Ohio, you win.

Leonard was arrested and charged with drunken driving last Saturday about 5pm when she crashed her car. After processing her, the Pennsylvania State Police thought it was a good idea to release her.

Apparently the crash she had earlier wasn’t bad enough to disable her vehicle because she paid a stranger $3 to take her back to her wrecked car. Leonard got the car started and headed out.

It didn’t take long for Leonard to side swipe a car and crash into a shed.

“I looked out my window and saw a car fly down my driveway, past my truck, heard a big crash and looked out — she slammed into my shed,” Stanley Fisher, who approached her after the incident,¬†told WTAE News.

“She tried to back up. I stopped her, took her keys from her. She said, ‘I can’t get another DUI.’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ She said, ‘I already have one today,'” he said.

This was about 6pm on Saturday night. Simple math tells us that Michele Leonard got two DUI’s in a matter of one hour.

I’m not condoning drunk driving, but perhaps the Pennsylvania State Police should have tossed her in the drunk tank? Who did they release her to anyway?


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