With One ‘U 18 YET’ License Plate, Ohio Takes Lead Over Florida

There was news earlier this week about a 21 year old girl from the Tampa Bay area who got a breast augmentation to add a third breast to her chest. Jasmine Tridevil, as she claimed to be, said that she did it because she wanted to be less attractive to men and score her own MTV Reality show.

Unfortunately, that story was a hoax and Florida didn’t gain much of a lead over Ohio in the craziest/nastiest/dumbest residents race.

Even though the Florida story was a hoax, Ohio came roaring back to take a commanding lead after this license plate surfaced on Twitter.


Ohio and Florida are lapping the field.

UPDATE: Turns out our boy Vinny Malorni is the proud owner of this Corvette and this license plate. I’ll give Vinny some credit here. He’s got a sense of humor. Sick, yes. But a sense of humor nonetheless.


h/t @z4willy

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