Tries to Take a Train Selfie, Gets Kicked in the Head by the Conductor

In what was thiiiiiis close to being a Darwin Award finalist for 2014, we have a young man that saw opportunity for Facebook likes to soar to heights only attainable in his social media dreams. People would surely retweet this hundreds, if not thousands of time. This is it, he thought. This is my time. No one has ever had a train selfie.

Instead. He got kicked in the head by the conductor of the train because he was too close, I guess. Maybe the conductor knew he was safe but saw opportunity. Maybe there was a conductor bet going on where one conductor bet the other conductor he couldn’t kick the moron standing by the tracks in the head.


“Wowwww, that guy kicked me in the head!”

Whatever the case, this young man reached his goals. He’s on his way to going viral while also being a complete dip shit.

I’ll bet he’s OK with it.

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