Boomer Don't Go! Top 50 Chris Berman Nicknames


It may be time for ESPN to put it into overdrive.  Late last year ESPN lost baseball analyst Peter Gammons to the MLB Network and in 2007 lost Dan Patrick to Sports Illustrated.  Now Chris “Boomer” Berman’s status at ESPN has come into question.  Word on the streets (read: The Big Lead) is that Berman’s contract is up in May this year and the NFL Network has been pursuing  Boomer hard.  It all comes down to whether or not Chris can settle for a smaller audience and a focus on strictly football.  His good friend of 30 years, Steve Bornstein is the president of the NFL Network and may have enough pull to get Boomer to make the switch.  This could be borderline devastating for ESPN.  Boomer not only covers the NFL for ESPN but has been calling the Home Run Derby for over 20 years (“back, back, back, back”).  I think when it comes down to it ESPN will break the bank in order to keep Boomer where he is and although one of his good friends is el president at the NFLN, I think his loyalty stays with ESPN.

With all of that said, a lot of us have known Chris Berman as long as we have known ESPN.  When we fell in love with sports we could tune to ESPN and have Boomer there to give us all the news and comedy we could handle.  He is one of the longest tenured employees of ESPN and during that time has amassed a very large library of nicknames for players and celebrities.  He famously mixes anecdotes and sayings in with people’s names.  For example Steve Avery was known to Boomer and his audience as Steve “Poison” Avery.  That along with his signature high pitched “Whoop!” during play by plays and his famous “back, back, back, back” that can be heard during the Homerun Derby are what makes Boomer a must see.  Some have long forgotten some of the best nicknames he has come up with so Thunder Treats decided to give you a top 50.  These are in no order because we really cannot rank them as they are all awesome.  Let us know what your favorite is (Mine would have to be Scott Supercalifragilisticexpiala Brosius).


  • Eddie Eat Drink and be Murray
  • Scott Supercalifragilisticexpiala Brosius
  • Carlos One if by Land, Two if Baerga
  • Bernard Innocent Until Proven Gilkey
  • Steve Poison Avery
  • Jesus Skip To My Alou
  • Chris One Bad Ma’afalla
  • Al Cigarette Leiter
  • Ozzie Like A Virgil
  • Rick see ya later Aguilera
  • Amani It’s Not A Toomer
  • Brook Jacoby Wan Kenobi
  • John I Am Not a Kruk
  • Nomar Mr. Nice Guy Garciaparra
  • Jeff Brown Paper Bagwell
  • Mike You’re in Good Hands with Allstott
  • Carlos daylight come and Delgado go home
  • Damion It Don’t Come Easley
  • Jerome You Better You Better You Bettis
  • Eric Sleeping with Bienemy
  • Andre Bad Moon Rison
  • Chuck New Kids on Knoblauch
  • Sammy Say it ain’t Sosa
  • Jim Home Sweet Thome
  • Tom Heard it Through the Glavine
  • Juan Re Encarnacion
  • Roberto Remember the Alomar
  • Jay Ferris Buhner
  • Todd Highway to Helton
  • Todd Smack Crackle VanPoppel
  • Harold Growing Baines
  • Bobby Bad To The Bonilla
  • Tom Cotton Candiotti
  • John Holy Moses
  • Jon Kitna Kaboodle
  • Jim Washer and Dwyer
  • Bruce Eggs Benedict
  • Bert Be home Blyleven
  • LaMarr Where does it Hoyt
  • Lance You Sunk My Blankenship
  • Barry U.S. Bonds
  • Shawn Boot Kemp
  • Octavio Shh Dotel
  • Jermaine Live And Let Dye
  • Todd Which Hand Does He Frohwirth
  • Erik Look, Mom, No Hanson
  • David Supreme Court Justice
  • Hideo Ain’t Gonna Work On Maggie’s Farm Nomo
  • C.C. Splish Splash I Was Taking Sabathia
  • Miguel Tejada They Come, Tejada They Fall

Big hat tip to and The Baseball Collector for their vast knowledge of Berman nicknames.

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