Toilet Paper Assault


A man from Farmington, Massachusetts is being charged with assault after he threw a roll at a custodians head because he was whistling while cleaning the bathroom.  The 55 year old Allen Kerner was said to be using the restroom when the custodian, not knowing it was occupied, began whistling while he worked.  Apparently Kerner has issues with people whistling and put a stop to it by throwing a roll of toilet paper at the back of the custodians head.  Kerner then fled the scene while the custodian chased after him.  He was apprehended by the police who subsequently charged him with assault.

This may sound ridiculous to many, but I am siding with TP chucker.  I cannot stand when people whistle and if I am in a bad mood then you will be luck if I throw something as soft as POM-500.  What I don’t understand is why a janitor would pursue an man 55 years of age for throwing toilet paper at him.  Who cares?  Just shake your head and get on with your janitorial duties.  This all seems like it was blown a bit out of proportion and I can’t see how any judge will let this stick…at least not with a straight face.

Source: The Boston Channel

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