Thunder Treats Rose Bowl Tailgate

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How many of you out there can say you got up at 5:00 am on New Year’s Day?  Odds are you went to bed at 5:00am on New Year’s Day.  Although if you were an Ohio State or Oregon football fan and you were in LA or a surrounding area and planning on going to the game, I would assume you were up.  If not, then I guess you were the people parked so far away you couldn’t even see the stadium.   The following pictures and videos will take you through our day from our first keg stander to So Cal Shredder soaking Zach Attack with champagne post game.  Enjoy…


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This may have been a some what skewed prediction, but give him a break he just did a keg stand.

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TJ Cecil.  Remember the name because the kid is going to be the next power hitting lefty.  He dominated at wiffle ball in the tailgate.

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The guys from Bowl Bound interviewing me while an intense game of Oregon vs. Ohio State flip cup was going on.  Oh, it was a “Man’s Game” too.  That means sans-pants.

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We didn’t discriminate at the tailgate.  This was this Oregon fan’s first keg stand.  Nailed it.

[youtube id=8cs2D7Lkmao ]

So Cal Shredder did the honors of giving Zach Attack a celebratory championship champagne shower.

The Bowl Bound did an interview with me as well.  I was a little tipsy.  I can’t get the embed to work so here is the link. Thanks guys.  Of course we didn’t just get videos.  We also took a bunch of pictures.  Below is some evidence. Click the pictures to enlarge them…Thanks to Jeff Moore for all his hard all work on the videos and pictures.

rose_bowl_1     rose_bowl_2    

rose_bowl_3     rose_bowl_4    

rose_bowl_5       rose_bowl_6

rose_bowl_7     rose_bowl_8    

      rose_bowl_9       rose_bowl_10                    

rose_bowl_11     rose_bowl_12



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