Thunder Treats 2013 Night Before Thanksgiving Bingo

It’s that time of the year, guys. For those of you coming home from college, you’re going to see everyone you have tried so very hard to ignore since high school. If you are a freshman coming home, I’m sorry in advance. Get ready to get awkward. If you are a sophomore-senior in college, then you know what to expect and how to avoid it.  However, sometimes no matter how hard you try, you get sucked in by the majority and have no choice.

For those of you who will be braving the annoying people you went to high school with, we have put together a Night Before Thanksgiving Bingo card so that if nothing else, you can at least be entertained.  This should also help pass the time just as much as those shots of Fireball.

I can only assume that this game gets better the drunker you get.  Because will there really be a better part of the night than while in the middle of a conversation you stop, pull out your bingo card and start crossing off things like “still lives with parents” or “unemployed since high school”?  I don’t think so.

So print up a bunch and pass them out among your friends.  Everyone throw some money in a pot and make a game out of this.  You guys can compare cards when your friends parents pick you up north of 2 am.


Click to enlarge (duh?)

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