This is new.

For the first time, I am blogging.  Feels great, I must say.  Now don’t worry, there is a point to me having a pointless blog.  For instance, I am “practicing” for a bigger, better blog that will be up and running sometime in January.  This blog here is for anything I feel like.  Whether it be a topic on sports or a topic on current events.  Or maybe both.  We can talk about Tyler Hansbrough breaking the all time scoring record at North Carolina.  Or we can talk about the guy who threw the shoes at President Bush.  I am up for anything and everything.  Most of the time I will be venting about the state of sports in Cleveland, Ohio.  If you are from or are a fan of Cleveland, then you know exactly what I mean.  Otherwise, we will be talking about whatever is on my mind after work.  I look forward to getting blogged with you.


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