This 6-Year-Old Dropped The Mic On His Math Test

More and more these days, kids are being asked to do some ridiculous things at school. In the U.S., the standardized testing is reaching unnecessary levels. An example can be seen below where they give the following math problem and ask not only for an answer, but to show the work that got them their answer. What happened to straight guessing?

Bobby has four dimes. Amy has 30 pennies. Which child has more money?

How do you know? Show Your thinking.

Reddit user irishchick14‘s son took the question in the most literal sense he could and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

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The boy’s mother said that he received a 100% and a “wow!” on his math test because the teacher encourages creativity and thinking outside the box. If you ask me, this is a teacher licking their wounds after getting served by a 6-year-old.


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