The Same Week These Kids Order $250 Worth of McDonald’s Fries a Heinz Ketchup Truck Dumps All 57 Varieties on the Highway

What are the odds?


It’s just too bad that this couldn’t have happened in the same location. The McDonald’s picture is either from Japan or Korea where they are offering their large fries for what equates to about $1.63.  So naturally, the bat shit crazy brainiacs over there decided to H.A.M. on the fry offering and order up about $250 worth.  If that wasn’t enough, they then dumped them all onto trays and sat and the table and began to munch.  Naturally, people were pissed because there were no spuds left to fry, thus making their orders take forever.  The footclan was promptly kicked out of the establishment.


In other, but related, news, a Heinz truck crashed today in Reno, Nevada after swerving to miss a vehicle and hitting a bridge.  The accident sent thousands of Heinz ketchup bottles flying across the highway.  The close to 20 tons of ketchup made for a scene right out of a horror movie.  Thankfully crews are on hand to clean up.

I have red everywhere on the highway, Nevada Highway Patrol Sgt. Janay Sherven  told the newspaper. No bodies, no people, just ketchup.

Crazy, right?  How much crazier would it have been if it happened where these kids bought all those orders of fries?  They would go from castaway smart asses to local heroes because of the relief help they would provide with their metric ton of french fries.

Now I want french fries.

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