The Most Amazing Craigslist Car Ad Ever

“Honest” Nate Walsh might be the most clever used car salesman ever and from what I can tell, his inventory is one.  We are used to seeing ads on Craigslist giving away a persons fandom or people cleverly looking for a new roommate, but this is the first time I have seen a car listed on Craigslist in such an awesome way.  Nate Walsh has effectively produced the most amazing Craigslist car ad ever.

Nate Walsh is trying to sell his beat up 1999 Toyota Camry.  Instead of going the route of just taking some pictures and posting it on Craigslist with a little blurb about the car, he took it about 27 and half steps farther and created a number of collages to convey just how awesome this Camry will be for you.

For instance, how many 1999 Camry’s can you find that have only been puked in twice WITH a combo tape deck/CD player?  Not only that, it also comes with a bunch of freebies.  Some of the free swag that Nate is giving up is priceless too.

Twilight bumber sticker – “Sure to shock and enrage those around you!”

Bert (from Bert and Ernie) seat belt cover – “Our gift to you”

One broken ice scraper – “It still scrapes. It does not brush”

Check out all of the collages for Nate’s Camry below.  This car is a steal.



h/t @mrzampini

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