The League’s Jon Lajoie Released a New Music Video ‘Started As a Baby’

Jon Lajoie playing Taco on FX’s The League is one of the reasons you should be watching the show if you aren’t already.  While you are queuing up your Netflix for the first season of The League, have a listen to the new song, Started As a Baby, from Lajoie.  Known for his hilarious songs like The Christmas Song, F*ck Everything (NSFW) and one of my favorites, The Birhtday Song from  The League.  Really though, you should probably just subscribe and watch everything on his YouTube channel.

I think it goes without saying that he is making fun of Drake with this new song.  If that wasn’t what he was going for, it should have been.  Drake sucks.  Have a listen to the new track below.  Also, check out Lajoie’s  iTunes for more hilarious songs.


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