The Kids Guide to the Internet Will Gut Bust You With Nostalgia

Back in 1997, the internet was all the rage. I remember when we first got it and it took the guy forever to hook it up because we were running Windows 3.1 instead of the new, hip, Windows 98.

We waited patiently as he installed a modem and hooked up the phone line. When I first saw that Yahoo! homepage, just like the one I’d seen in the library at school, I knew it was on. Obviously, the first thing I did was dig into those 500 Free Hours of AOL cds that I had been stock piling for months. All I wanted was to get a Screen Name and Buddy List. It’s all any of us wanted in 1997.

Below is The Kids Guide to the Internet from 1997. It was used as a learning tool to explain to kids how to use the internet and to say it is hilarious is an understatement. For starters, it’s hosted by two kids who are in charge of  “explaining” the internet to their friends. Before they get started, Peter even tells us “Now that I’ve gotten on the internet, I’d rather be on my computer than doing just about anything”.


The best part is that his “parents” think that is a great idea. Another part that made me laugh is when they ask their friend if their computer has a modem.

“I think so. My grandpa bought it for us. It has all the latest high tech stuff.”

Oh Lisa, if there is anything you’ll learn is that the only thing your grandparents will buy you is stuff they see on QVC.

All that and by the looks of their teeth, it seems hosts Peter and Dasha have been hitting the crack pipe for about eight or nine months.

Below is an video of teens today reacting to this video. Pretty much on point.


And since we’re on such a roll today, let’s keep this nostalgia train moving! Here on some internet commercials from the late 90’s.  I definitely remember the ones with Paul Riser.



And if you’re still with me, please check out this video on the latest technology from 1994. Even better, listen to how much each of these latest technologies cost.


I love nostalgia. Thanks to Guyism for posting the teenagers reaction to The Kids Guide to the Internet. This article is their fault.


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