The Harlem Shake is Over and the Internet has Moved on to ‘Gallon Smashing’

I thought the Harlem Shake fad was hilarious. In fact, I am still finding new videos that give me a laugh. Unfortunately, it has been played out. Usually, once The Today Show gets ahold of something, they kill it rather quickly. With the Harlem Shake on its way out of YouTube lore, we have room for something new to entertain us.

Enter ‘Gallon Smashing’.

This new fad is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. It’s a waste of perfectly good chocolate milk and orange juice. With that said, I found myself laughing my ass off at these guys. The basis of the video is to walk through a grocery store carrying 2 one gallon jugs of liquid. When you get near people, act as if you have slipped and throw the jugs in the air.

Stupid, right? Yes. But I have found the stupid things are often times the funniest. Check out the video below and keep your head on a swivel next time you’re in the grocery store.


h/t @Gangelooo

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