Tennessee > Alabama

In regards to the most recent YouTube videos I have seen from both Universities, Alabama loses horribly.  I almost feel bad for these girls.  I love me some southern girls but c’mon, you’re better than that. 

Swiperboy wins for two reasons.

1.) He is rapping about a white dork of a coach.

2.) He uses Cali Swag’s Teach Me How to Dougie

Alabama’s Panhellenic Council loses for a plethora of reasons, but I will give you 2 to even it up.

1.) Using Rebecca Black’s Friday

2.) The girls voice at 1:17, although she is cute, made me temporarily deaf in both ears.

You decide.

[youtube id=c7A7oR5ZS8Y ]

[youtube id=4nXTT29BUK0 ]

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