Tebow on American Idol?


It seems as though Tim Tebow has gotten together a fall back plan for when in the event that his NFL career does not go how he intends…

The actual contestants name is Matt Lawrence and he interesting because he may prove to be Tim Tebow’s evil twin.  Matt’s story wasn’t the sob story American Idol usually drives home.  His story was about his 4 years in prison, starting when he was 15 (Tebows number! Eerie right?).  He described himself as a thrill seeker and decided one day that he was going to try to rob a bank with a BB gun.  Obviously not a wise decision and it cost him 4 years in the joint.  Matt, next time you are feeling like an adventure I want you to stop and think What Would Tebow Do (WWTB)?  I think you’ll find all the adventure you can handle giving circumcisions in third world countries.  Bring your hat!


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