‘TALONS OF JUSTICE!’: Texas Defense Attorney Has Jaw Dropping Commercials That Feature America & Wheelies

Fort Worth, Texas can rest easy tonight knowing that Brian Wilson, a.k.a. The Texas Law Hawk, has got their back.

Wilson, a Texas A&M graduate and summa cum laude graduate of Texas Tech University School of Law, was voted the number one defense lawyer in Fort Worth in 2014. Without looking at his court records, I can say that he should win this award every year, no matter what. As long as he keeps putting out his awesome commercials.

If that wasn’t enough for you, how about going over to his website where he also has a blog. Oh yes, it’s as good as you might think.┬áHere’s a post entitled “Q&A On Governor Rick Perry’s Indictment And Ham Sandwiches.”

In another commercial from earlier this year, Wilson echoes his sentiments found in his article “5 Things You Should Know When The Police Come To Your House.” In this video, people are playing a spirited game of Hungry Hungry Hippo when the cops show up and want to arrest everyone without a warrant. If you read his article — that is complete with screen grabs from Home Alone for illustration — you know that The Law Hawk won’t let that stand.

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