Sylvester Stallone inducted into Boxing Hall of Fame, who should follow?

This week Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame because of the impact his character Rocky Balboa had on the nation and the sport.  The feelings seemed to be split right down the middle with some saying that he deserved to be there while others thought it was a disgrace.  I tend to agree with the latter.  At what point did it become ok to induct non-athletes into a sport they did not even play?  I realize that Rocky brought boxing to the fore front of the sporting world and I realize that there is a statue of Rocky in Philly but you don’t reward an actor, film maker or film in general by inducting them into the sports hall of fame with which they are associated.  They have a little awards show, it’s called the Academy Awards.  That is how you honor the people who make these films.  You give them the highest honor for an actor, NOT the highest actor for an athlete.

Since the boxing world just opened a Pandora's box, it probably won’t be long until another sport inducts an actor into their hall of fame.  To help them out, Thunder Treats decided to compile a list of 20 different actors that deserve to get the nod.


Al Pacino

Role: Tony D'Amato,

Movie: Any Given Sunday 


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