Sweet Tooth Tate


Seahawks  first round draft pick Golden Tate was warned for trespassing  early Tuesday morning after breaking into a donut shop.  Tate and a friend were both inebriated and were hungry, which we all know is not uncommon, and decided to curb their appetite by treating themselves to some fresh donuts.

“We went to Top Pot for freshly baked maple bars. A buddy made the mistake of going in and grabbing a couple.” Tate said,  “We ate them. Nothing much to the story other than that”.

I agree here, there isn’t much more to the story.  They “broke in” by entering an unlocked back door while an employee was taking out the garbage.  His friend took the keys, which was regrettable obviously since they returned them soon after.  The owner of the store said they were “drunk and acting retarded”.  Most of us know those two characteristics are common place when we enjoy a dozen or so alcoholic beverages.  If you want to hear the full 7 minute 911 call, they have it here.

The main reason for this post is because I don’t want this to get buried under the pile of other news stories and have this fade away.  Since it is stupid and juvenile, I think we should award a nickname to Tate so he always remembers that night he got a hankering for some donuts.  So in his later years we can refer to it and laugh as it will still be as stupid then as it is now.  My proposition is Sweet Tooth Tate…Feel free to leave your own.

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