Picture of the girl with the poop tattoo has been around for years

awshitA lot of people in the last few days have been taking the story of the girl from Dayton, Ohio with the poop tattoo and running with it.  According to reports, she had signed a waiver, got drunk and let her boyfriend tattoo a scene from Narnia on her back.  Well, she cheated on her boyfriend so he took this opportunity to tattoo a steaming pile of shit on her back with flies around it.  They claim she was suing him for $100,000.

Well, there is no lawsuit that has been filed in the Dayton area with the names, Rossie Brovent and Ryan Fitzjerald, and the picture of the victim has been around since at least 2009.  Mail Online claimed that the picture was posted on a fail blog and I spent a little bit of time going through archives and have found the original article.

December 16, 2009.


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