Pick Your THUNDERTREATS Entrance Music

We all know that a fighting/wrestling/boxing wouldn’t be anything without entrance music. As Thundertreats surpasses 1,000 and plans to take on the universe, it will need a fight song. If any of the writers come face to face with Steven A. Smif, Billy Mays or get spit on by Lou Holtz, we need to be ready to throw down. We hope that out of a nearby speaker system destiny will kick in and our entrance music will began to play and the haymakers will fly. WE NEED YOU to help us to find that song. Comment us the song you would like to come out to and we will put together a vote in an upcoming week to declare the official fight song. Here are some ideas…

Kelly Pavlik – Korn-here to stay

Wladimir Klitschko- RHCP-Can’t Stop

Clay Guida
Foo Fighters-My Hero

Frank Mir- Nas ft Puff Daddy- Hate me now

Rampage Jackson-Jay-z-On the rock

Anderson Silva-DMX-No Sunshine

Randy Couture-Aerosmith-Back in the Saddle Again

Mike Tyson-Ambitions Az a Ridah

Chuck Liddell-DMX-intro(It’s Dark and Hot as Hell)

I know if I was sitting in a diner with Lou Holtz and he attempted to tell me a story about in the summer on 1977, he ate a sausage sandwich while he watched a Mississippi State(MY OFFICIAL SLEEPER TEAM OF 2009-BET THE HOUSE) Saturday practice for 6 hours and was ready to enter the ring with him I’d want Project Pat-Don’t Turn Around to play as Dr. Lou took a beating of a lifetime. Tell us what you think!!

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