People are Still Moving While the Cameras Are Rolling


The first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday night held more surprises than anyone could think of.  For instance Tyson Alualu going in the Top 10.  Where were you on that one Kiper?  The trades of the mid to late picks made the back end of the opening round more interesting too.  I would say that the second coming of Christ, Tim Tebow to the Denver Broncos was another round 1 shocker.

While watching all of the draft coverage on one TV and the Cavs crap down their leg on the other , I noticed something more shocking than both Alualu and Tebow.  The people at ESPN STILL do not know to quit moving around when Chris Berman is trying to talk.  Below is an 8 second clip from last night when Boomer didn’t know the camera’s were on him.  You see him give a “WTF” look and then motioning to the crew to quit moving around.  The motion he made was very similar to the motion displayed during his crazy rant.  Later in the broadcast we caught Boomer giving some glares to people as well.  You would think after his first tirade over 10 years ago that people would listen.  If it were me, I would have been a stone statue.

[youtube id=3TLG_LtWhj4 ]

[youtube id=455Hmmig2JA ]

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