Papa Doc faces three years behind bars for tax evasion

Yikes.  That’s my bad…Apparently that isn’t Papa Doc from 8 Mile but a mug shot of Lauryn Hill after she plead guilty to tax evasion.  She admitted to not filing her returns between 2005 and 2007.  During that period of time she earned $1.8 million.

Lauryn’s attourney claims that she will be paying back the $818,000 from 2005, $222,000 from 2006 and the $761,000 from 2007.
For those of you who thought it was Papa Doc, sorry for pulling the wool over you eyes.  You should have known better though, he went to Cranbrooke and that’s a private school.  Clearly, he wouldn’t do something like this.  More so, he lives at home with both parents, and from what I’m told, they have a real good marriage.  So I don’t think they would let Clarence (real name) slip through the cracks like that.

Here is a video of Papa Doc getting served.

[youtube id=F2hiFbuQ-Qw ]
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