The One Man Thrill Ride Gives Batting Tips And It Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

A while back, we introduced you to the One Man Thrill Ride Jimmy Preston. Back then, he was giving us a preview of what his alumni baseball game was going to be like. It was one of the best videos we saw in 2013.

Well now it’s 2014 and Jimmy is back at it. This time, we join him back on the diamond as he gives us all hitting tips to live by. His hitting tips, of course, also correlate to picking up chicks.

Some highlights:

“Hitting baseballs and picking up chicks have many parallels. So if you can master these simple strategies of hitting, you’re gonna be taking home any flooze you choose.”

“It’s baseball, slumps are going to happen. Not to me, but to average baseball players like you. Mix things up. Try taking BP with your sunglasses on.”


Vince McMahon needs to sign Jimmy Preston to a WWE deal right away. His microphone skills alone would make him one of the most beloved heels in the game today.

Do the right thing, Vince.

Check out Jimmy’s Facebook and Twitter for some merch, DINKS.

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