Ohio University: Driver Goes Wrong Way on Court Street, Tries to Park in a Bar, Flees the Scene

Ohio University has been touted as one of the best party schools in the nation time and time again. Seriously, just ask someone who went there, they’re dying to tell you about it (zing). They have become known for their annual Halloween party and their multiple “fests” (High, Palmer, Numbers).

But as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Or, and even older saying, “don’t drink and drive”.

Even though it is summer time in Athens, Ohio, there are still Bobcat coeds hanging around that will fill the bars on their famous/infamous Court Street nightly. And while most of those coeds walk to the bars, there are still some people that feel the need drive.

Enter the defendant in this case. Last night, white Ford Mustang guy was seen driving the wrong way down the one-way Court Street. When an oncoming car swerved to miss him, the driver took a hard left straight into a lamp post and came to a stop in the entrance of The Crystal bar.

After parking his car in the bar, the white Ford Mustang guy proceeded to exit the vehicle and promptly high tail it the F out of there while the bouncers from The Crystal were in hot pursuit.

If there were only a way to figure out who the car belonged to without talking to the owner of said car…


The judge is going to need a recess while reading the lengthy list of charges this bonehead has incurred.

Check out the Twitter reactions from some of the aforementioned coed Bobcats.

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