Ohio family says ghosts are getting busy in their home

ghostsI couldn’t make that title up if I tried.

In Euclid, Ohio, Dianne Carlisle, her daughter and her granddaughter have been getting a free show.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a show many are interested in.  According to Carlisle, there are ghosts in her house and they are having sex.

“It look like, like ghosts having sex in my living room! They are having sex, you can see the lady’s high heeled shoes!”

Kimora, Dianne’s granddaughter, was playing with her cell phone camera in living room and inadvertantly snapped the picture of the ghosts caught in the act.

This is not the first encounter with ghosts.  Her daughter, De’Onna Burnett, claims that she has seen a little girl in the past.

“I’m not playing with no ghosts, like, it was just standing there watching me”

And if both those encounters weren’t enough, Dianne has another photo from the bathroom that gave her the creeps.  She was taking a picture of the back of her head because she had a new hairstyle.  When she looked at the photo, she saw a figure that was not present when she took the photo.  Also, she claims she has gotten a voice message from her deceased sister saying “I love you”.

Watch the news story, what do you think?


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