Mike 1 Chair 0, Final

This past week, Zampini had been getting on my nerves because he thinks I am in love with Tim Tebow because I admitted the kid is good. Whatever Mike, if you can’t admit that he is good, then you obviously aren’t a fan of college football and should not be allowed to talk about or watch it. Stick to golf. Since Mike has been relentless with this issue, I have decided to fire back with something funny about Mike. Saturday afternoon Mike, the Donk and I went to the Las Vegas Athletic Club to play some racquetball. Now when I was lighter on my feet I was more of a challenge, but the closest game I had was a losing effort to Mike, 11-9. Whatever, a workout is a workout. When we returned home, we decided that we would order some pizza and wings and watch the rest of the football game. Mike declared “Get me 6 dozen wings” as he thought that would be a sufficient amount of chicken wings to curb his appetite. Obviously no one flinched when he said that because Mike is a giant slob. So we go pick up the pizza and return home and begin to enjoy our dinner. Most had a couple slices of pizza and a fair amount of chicken wings. Mike probably had the most wings of anyone. Again, no surprise. On Mikes trip for his thirds or fourths (who can keep count), he proclaimed “I don’t really think this is a good idea”. This was in reference to him loading up on another round of wings. We just laughed as Mike returned to the table, wing in mouth and wing in fist. Sadly, when Mike went to sit at the table the poor chair decided that Mike had reached, and surpassed, his wing quota and gave up the battle. Mike 1 Chair 0, and I’m sorry to say that is a final score. Mike might not have felt so bad if I didn’t have a camera phone to capture the moment. Take a close look at the picture and you can see that while Mike was falling to the floor, he managed to hang on to the wing. Congrats Mike, I don’t know how many of us could have done that. So now our kitchen table will be set for three instead of four. Our last chair has been reduced to nothing more than fire wood at the hands of an over zealous fan of chicken wings. Rest in pieces little chair, it was a hard battle that no one could have won…

Side Note: That chair was rickety as shit and we were just waiting for it to break. I am just thankful it broke on Mike because that made my weekend.

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