Maury Povich Ugly Christmas Sweater Is The Ugly Christmas Sweater To End All Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Maury Povich is known for holding the hopes and dreams of men and women in an manila envelope. He is the go-to person when you are just a little unsure of who the father of your baby might be.

And Maury, with his incredible bedside manner, will simply proclaim whether “YOU ARE THE FATHER” or “YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER.”

The latter has become a pop culture axiom…and now, it has become an ugly christmas sweater. Povich posted the above photo on his Facebook page with the following caption:

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Thank you @Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit for this special Christmas gift! #YouKnowYouWatch #Maury #UglyChristmasSweaterKit 


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